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"We catch Eyal Chehanowski on Friday at noon, in the middle of a yoga teacher course he runs on the beach, under the warming Tel Aviv sun. He conducts many courses on weekends and during the year will also come with them in the desert and countries around the world, such as Japan, India and England. In London, he will open a special yoga course for the second time in March. It is a teacher training course in one weekend format for ten months. The course will take 200 and 500 hours - which is the category for teaching certificates. , The people who come to the course want to learn more about yoga - philosophy, anatomy, texts, history and all other yoga subjects. For most, it's more in-depth than a teaching certificate. "

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So, there is no precondition?

"There is only love and passion for yoga."

And 500hr certificate need 200hr graduation


For anyone on every level?

"Yes. But if he is not high-level – which is practicing very little time - he will not receive a teaching certificate when everyone is finished. He will have to do more classes until he is ready. Usually, anyone who wants to be a teacher needs two years of practice. No condition is needed. "

Is it also suitable for people with medical problems, such as back pain?

"We all have problems, especially. It is suitable for people with problems, but not if they are severe, pathological and profound.

What kind of yoga course will you focus on?

"Movement Yoga - Vinyasa. It's a type of yoga that combines movement and breathing, and also concentrates on Alignment, which is taken from another method, Iyengar. Mixing the two elements is important to me. Standing right, how to do a posture structurally in relation to gravity. "

You indicate that personal meetings will be held March 13 - 16 free of charge.

What will happen in these meetings?

"I sit with those who are interested, see if the course is right for them and talk about it. I do this of course for free, to get to know the people who come

He was taught under the guidance of the father of the Ashtanga method, Shrik patbhi  Joise 

Eyal has been practicing yoga professionally for about 25 years. He first met yoga in New York when he was 23. He went on a trip to America and stopped there to work. "It would sound a bit mystical, but I felt I had come home," he recalls. "There was an instant connection with yoga in a different and strange way. It interested me and I started to learn." From there, he traveled to Mysore, India, to practice under the guidance and guidance of the Ashtanga Methodist father, Shri patabhi jois. In 2000, he returned to New York to take a training course as a yoga teacher (Jivamukti Yoga). 

From there he moved to Colorado under the guidance of yogi Richard Freeman. Then he practiced, among other things, "Yoga 23" with Andrei Sidersky in Kiev and "Shadow Yoga" with John Evans in London. In London EYAL  has been living for a long period of time in recent years, until two years ago he finally decided to return to Israel. Since then, he still comes once a month to deliver workshops and as mentioned in the new course.


There are so many yoga teachers. What sets you apart?

"I am old lots of experience (laughs)… Teaching courses for many years. In my opinion, what makes this course unique is the combination of therapy and yoga, in addition to many other areas. There is a very wide sheet where I see things. The sign does not indicate his mass, but I have Something awfully broad to give to people. Opens a very large door to a full world.


What is the plan for the future? Will you be a guru?

"I don't want to be a guru. Being a guru means going mainstream. I do a little less doing it. Say, for example, such shallow key phrases that do good to people. It's popular, but less talking to me. On Instagram. But that's not really the essence of yoga to pose beautifully. "

Want to deepen your knowledge of yoga and experience yoga?

Course details in London


Beginning weekend March 19 -20, 2019.

Mon-Sun, 10:00 - 17:00.


Kailash Center, London.


Kailash Center, 7 Newcourt Street, NW8 7AF

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