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october 2024

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״The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you.״ 

- B. B. King -

Embark on a transformative journey with our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in the serene paradise of Koh Phangan, Thailand. Dive deep into the essence of Ashtanga Yoga fused seamlessly with the precision of Iyengar methods. Amidst lush tropical landscapes and the gentle rhythm of ocean waves, you'll find a sanctuary for self-discovery and growth. Join us in this idyllic setting, where every sunrise brings new opportunities for personal transformation. Embrace the journey and emerge as a certified yoga teacher, ready to spread light and positivity in the world."


* Certification in 200 hr Mahakala Yoga teacher training programme is designed to give you

the confidence and competence to teach, level 1 asana classes with an emphasis on awareness of safe practice for both students and teachers. 


* You will be able to create your own 6 week beginners course that you can teach immediately upon qualification, including the knowledge of modification and sequencing of asanas to suit individual body types.


We certified yoga

teachers since 2007


Kailash Centre of

Complementary Therapies

and Oriental Medicine

7 Newcourt Street

St Johns Wood

London, NW8 7AA



Early bird price £2300

10 Monthly payment plans are

available on request with no

additional administration

fees incurred (£230)

Regular price £2600


Additional discount

for the full payment £100

200/500 - Hour Teacher Training

Deepen your practice course



Students will  develop  their own asana practice with a sequence provided to them at the start of the training.  Deepening your own practice by understanding the principles inherent in Vinyasa practice:

the structure of a class, sequencing, alignment, flow and the impact this makes on the anatomy and physiology of the physical, subtle and casual bodies is crucial to understanding and creating safe self practice as well as teaching others.


Understanding the history of yoga, the historical and current recognized texts and their relevance to modern yoga is helpful to reduce dogma

and increase authenticity in both practice and teaching.  Ayurveda will be introduced as

a guideline for self-care and ethical treatment

of the body.  


As students progress through the teacher training, their conscious awareness of yoga

and its practices will continue to develop.

We will work consciously with various techniques: mantra, mudras, pranayama, bhanda and dhristi and other concentration and meditation techniques as well as more advanced asanas.  Student will be expected to develop a meditation practice.


* Principles

* Sequencing

* Alignment


Anatomy and Physiology

* Body Systems

* Body Reading


* History of Yoga

* Texts

* Ayurveda

Subtle Body

* Mantra

* Mudra

* Chanting

Advanced Asana

* Backbends

* Inversions


* Pranayama

* Bhanda

* Dhristi

Certification and Accreditation - 

For those that wish to become a yoga teacher you will be required to complete all assignments, a final exam and 140 hours of personal practice.  Assessment is made up of a combination of practical and written assignments.  After each module reading and assignments are set.   Graduation from the training programme is not a given – all areas much be completed and passed before certificates can be issued.

Coursework  (hrs breakdown on course) -

Assignments:  average 2 hours per week

 70 hours

Suggested two years of practice and curiosity to delve deeper into the facets of yoga.

Requirements -


Teaching yoga can be a uniquely rewarding opportunity.  To teach successfully in the modern world requires more than just technical proficiency.  This course will address subtle art of adjustments including safety and ethical considerations  with teaching in We also aim to provide an understanding of the economics of the business of teaching yoga and how it can vary in different environments.








Teaching Principles 

* Ethics

* Trauma



* Mechanics

* Ethics

Yoga Business 

* Studio, Freelance Corporates, and Privates.



Eyal Chehanowski

In 1996 Eyal has started his Yoga journey in NYC, he then pursued further studies as a senior teacher and was fortunate to study in depth with great yogis, among which are Richard Freeman in Colorado (Ashtanga), Sri K Pattabhi Jois in Mysore India (Ashtanga), Andrai Siderski in Kiev (yoga23) and with John Evens in London (Shadow yoga).


​In addition, Eyal is a structure Integration therapist (rolfing) and certified by GSI,  In his teaching Eyal combines his therapeutic skills and treats each of his students individually with special

care and attention.

Eyal has founded two of the leading yoga studios in Tel Aviv Israel- Yoga Shala Jaffa and Lotus Yoga.

Since 2008 he certifies yoga teachers in 500 hr program as AYI member , and teaches the depths of yoga’s physical practice and philosophy.



" Studying with Eyal opened me to new aspects of the yoga practice I had previously glazed over. I began to recognize that yoga was so much more than just asana, and under Eyal's guidance I started to understand and appreciate the many more sutler

aspects to the practice. Eyal nurtured me as a practitioner and aided in my growth as teacher. 

I am grateful for his guidance and continuedvsupport on this journey."

- Simone Nitzan (Toronto) -

"... I took the training because I wanted to deepen my knowledge in yoga, with no intentions of becoming a teacher. The TT was so wonderful that by the end of it I was completely in love with yoga and teaching, resigned from my high tech job and devoted my life to yoga! It is the most elaborated and serious program out there, and I am serious!

I studied and worked with yogis from all over the world and was always proud of the initial training

I got from Eyal ..."

- Yael Weisbach (Tel-Aviv) - 

״ Eyal is a sensitive, committed and highly experienced teacher, as well as a person with a large heart. I believe that being a therapist contributes to his incredible talent to identify patterns, on both physical and deeper levels. Studying with Eyal was an inspiring and fruitful experience.

I will therefore enthusiastically recommend him as a teacher for anyone who wish to develop profound skills in the ways of the Yoga, and especially for those intending to become teachers themselves.״

 - Shlom Israeli (Tel-Aviv) -

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