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yoga Mysore Journey: Body, Spirit and Culture

Under the guidance Eyal Chehanowski and Dr. Rafi Peled Twelve days of practice, study and cultural expirance in Mysore and India

yoga Mysore Journey: Body, Spirit and Culture
yoga Mysore Journey: Body, Spirit and Culture



Mysore,India , Mysuru, Karnataka, India

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The Yoga Journey to Mysore is an expression of the multitude of the term "yoga". The journey seeks to illustrate the connection between three major facets of yoga - the physical, the intellectual and the cultural. It combines physical and mental training (Asana, breathing, and meditation), conetmplative exploration (ideas and beliefs), and cultural encounter (art, food culture, rituals, customs). All this in the Indian space, where yoga grew and prospered and from which emerged as the gospel to the entire world.

The connection in our journey, between body, spirit and culture, is real and tangible: it is a connection between the yogic body, the spirit of yogic thought and the Indian culture that has been around yoga for at least 2500 years. Not easy to explain, but it is very easy to experience it when we are there, in one of the ancient temples, a spectacular religious ritual, at a traditional family dinner, a musical performance, a yogi teacher's ashram, an encounter with a wandering ascetic, or a modern-day Buddhist monastery.

Our Intent on the Journey:

1. To deepen yoga practice while practicing daily under the guidance of ale and local teachers.

2. Expand your knowledge of yoga's cultural and thoughtful background.

3. Allow a meeting with the other through which we can also meet ourselves.

Eyal Chechanovski is a senior and experienced yoga teacher: "I first met yoga in New York in 1996 and since then yoga has been an integral and ongoing part of my life. I graduated from Jivamukti Yoga in 2000 and since then I continue to explore and deepen my learning, and I have had the privilege of sitting at the feet of teachers such as Richard Freeman and John Evans. Unique between traditional knowledge and personal and independent self-inquiry". 

Dr. Rafi Peled is a researcher of Indian culture and lecturer in the Department of East Asian Studies at Tel Aviv University: "I love India very much; Studying and teaching about Indian culture for about 25 years with a deep belief that there is great personal and cultural value in knowing it; I have studied Sanskrit in India and elsewhere in the world and for the past decade I teach it at Tel Aviv University and abroad; Twice a year I guide in-depth journeys across India; Has been working in fruitful collaboration with Eyal for more than a decade and welcomes it. "

The journey begins on Sunday 09.10.24 and ends 20.10.24

The price is based on two people in the room

For more information and registration: at Wattsapp 00972542569828,


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