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ONLINE mentoring program with Eyal Chahanowski



for Entrepreneurs

​As a self-employed person and a family man,

I understand the difficulties of life in the western world.

The yoga path offers techniques with great potential

and help in day-to-day dealings.

That's why I'm launching the personal mentoring program.

A program that will give you the tools and guidance to develop along the way, to create balance and peace of mind between the worlds of spirit and matter.

Who is the program for

If you are experiencing stress, lack of motivation, burnout, mental restlessness,

Curious about the spiritual worlds, wants to practice yoga and meditation and doesn't know how to start and how to approach it.

If you are looking for guidance on how to improve your physical and mental abilities.

Dealing with lack of focus, difficulty making decisions, inefficiency, dispersion

If you have a need and desire to connect with the spiritual and inner side to maintain balance and vitality.

This program is for you!

What will you leave the program with


Personal practice and accompaniment for assimilating peace and calm into the daily routine



Learning yoga and meditation techniques for mental stability and peace


Learning yoga and meditation techniques for mental stability and peace


Insights and guidance on how to overcome barriers and persevere on the spiritual path



Sharing inspirational resources and spiritual wisdom from the ancient traditions




A connection to spiritual meaning and purpose beyond material achievements


Strengthening the connection to the spiritual meaning and purpose in your life



​Tools for concentration, presence

and flow in pressure and load situations


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In-depth recommendations for continuing the self-directed path


How it actually works

Personal practice plan
Includes yoga exercises
and personalized 20-minute exercises,
meditation and more

Counseling sessions     
Individual talk (2*30 or 60 minutes)
once a week


Comprehensive diagnosis
of posture, lifestyle and habits

Conclusions and Recommendations
Detail for the continuation, for the assimilation of the practice in everyday life

Comprehensive content with reading recommendations, books, videos
and spiritual resources

Daily availability
During business hours via emails/WhatsApp

The cost of the program for the entire period:

1800 $

up to 3 instalments 

Upon completion of filling out the questionnaire,

you will receive a link to schedule a matching call(30 min no payment needed)

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